Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sway - Deliverance

Sway - Deliverance

I bought this album in August in a HMV closing down sale for €2, I had seen it previously at full price and had been tempted to buy it but thank GOD I didn't...
I first heard of Sway from watching a comedy show called FM, you should really try to find it, its brilliant, Chris O'Dowd in between his IT Crowd and his Hollywood phases, not that it really matters, fame doesn't seem to have changed him at all, anyway check out the show it's hilarious! Each episode had a different artist/band on it, they had some really good ones like the Charlatans and Ladyhawke, and also a cameo from Tim Westwood which was pretty funny. Each act would usually at some stage of the show do a track and Sway's was pretty good. Kind of half rap half grime track with really bouncy beats and him rapping over them. I'll post the track below (its called Say It Twice) He has also made an appearance on Mike Skinner's proteges, The Mitchell Brothers brilliant track Harvey Nicks.
So Sway was kind of on my radar for decent UK rap/Grime and when I saw this album so cheap it was one I was definitely going to buy. I threw it on it the car the other day and really struggled to pick out a decent track for the blog. For a lot of albums I need to listen to them twice to really get the feel of them so after getting through it once I decided to hold off making my mind up until I gave it another spin. Unfortunately that made no changes to my opinion, it was a horrible UK Rap/pop crossover album and looking through the sleevenotes he drafted in some pretty decent producers for the beats - Flux Pavilion, Amon Tobin & the aforementioned Mike Skinner. Unfortunately the only decent track on the album is Skinner's collaboration Teach Us, in which the Street's rapper only performs a hook in the chorus, but the trademark Street's sound is all over the track.

 Teach Us

 Say It Twice

 Overall - 1/10 - Avoid

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